Stars mourns...

The Stars in their Eyes Foundation and the Cool Fresh Group mourn the loss of a great friend, a wonderful person and an amazing driving force in our lives.  

Paul died in an automobile accident on Tuesday 2 February 2016, 49 years of age.

From 2007 to 2011 Paul Beijersbergen was the Chairman of the Stars in their Eyes Foundation.

Under his inspiring leadership the Foundation grew from a simple dream to a powerful organisation, changing lives in South Africa and the Netherlands.

Paul was always there when we needed him. Laughing, loving, giving a helping hand.

With his larger than life presence, his superb business acumen and his incredibly warm sense of humour he was the most amazing friend to many, many people. 

The words of the great South African poet, Jan F. E. Cilliers are very apt.....

Stil, broers,

Daar gaan ‘n man verby,

Hy groet,

En dis verlaas.

Daar’s nog maar één soos hy;

Bekyk hom goed.

Translated into English:

Be quiet my brothers,

A great man is passing by.

He greets us,

And it is the last time.

Have a good look,

There is only one like him.....

We are in deep, deep mouring.

All our prayers go out to his wife Ella and his daughter Nikki.

On 9 February we said farewell to Paul.

Dear Paul, rest in peace.

Hamba Kahle, Nkosi.

Signed by Hugo Vermeulen, Elton Hart and Nic Jooste, on behalf of 784 community leaders and tens of tousands of children from 243 villages in South Africa.